• Identify your working style preferences and start thinking about your professional identity in a more strategic manner

  • Map your behaviours and start building your professional self-awareness

  • Learn to keep an open mind and see what motivates you at work and which activities and behaviours bring you down

  • Set out in a conscious and focused manner to working on areas you feel you should develop in order to step up into your future leader-self

  • Measure your self-awareness by contrasting the findings in the report with your self-perception

  • Boost your leadership acumen by checking-in on your working style preferences and keeping yourself to task on aspects key in your leadership role

  • Leadership is a life-long learning exercise - monitor how you have been evolving and growing as a leader

  • Allow for a reality check to see what motivates you and how to get the best of yourself out there


FACET 5 personality assessment is a unique tool both for those who aspire to leadership roles, as well as for established leaders committed to growing professionally by deepening their self-awareness. FACET 5 is not a competency test, it is a personality profile based on research done at Edinburgh university, using a ‘Big5’ model of personality.

The assessment is based on an online questionnaire consisting of 106 questions, which takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. The process is entirely web-based for data collection and analysis all over the world. Available in over 30 different languages, with
a range of corresponding norm groups, the results can be downloaded immediately upon completion.


The Facet5 questionnaire forms the foundation of the Facet5 range of products, providing individual data that is combined and contrasted by other Facet5 products. The reports use helpful, work-related easy-to-read language, and proceed the following components:

The Family Portrait
compares the individual profile to one of 17 reference families

An individual profile and report 
describes individual behaviour and preferences

LeadingEdge Guide to Leading 
how to engage and manage someone to maximise engagement and job satisfaction

SearchLight Review of Competence 
individual strengths and areas for development against
6 key competencies

and individuals intrinsic motivators


You will receive your report, generated based on your answers to the online questionnaire. We recommend to follow-up with a debriefing session with our FACET 5 accredited expert to allow for a more detailed analysis of the report, in the context of your specific situation. Our expert will help you interpret the report, draw meaningful conclusions and set the course of actions for the future, so that you can fully benefit from the assessment and make best use of the received report.

One full debriefing session (in person or virtual) is included in the price of the FACET 5 Assessment Centre offered by Akronos Consulting.