• Help leaders in your organisation understand how to motivate their new (or existing) team members

  • Support new leaders in your organisation in understanding their working and leadership style

  • Get ahead of your competition by understanding how to best divide responsibilities amongst your team members and how to manage talent in your organisation

  • Identify work style preferences of your team members, and find out what profiles your organisation is missing

  • Increase talent retention by better understanding how best to manage and lead each of your team members

  • Successfully carry our change processes by identifying your innovative change makers, supporters and potential saboteurs

  • Understand better how to reorganise work within your teams or reshape teams as a whole for better results

  • Get a better insight into specific work style preferences of your team members, allowing for a targeted training plan

  • Make sure to include working style and values assessment when planning recruitment for your organisation

  • Ensure diversity in your teams to start off for success

  • Provide unique benefits to your new hires in the form of a personality assessment, helping to shape their leadership path in the organisation

  • Keep tabs of the working style preferences in your team

  • Make sure you provide your team members with opportunities for self growth

  • Help your leaders on their self-awareness development path

  • Ensure your team leaders know how to motivate their teams and how to make best use of the available talent

  • Minimise the risk of hiring a people that do not share your organisation’s working style or values


FACET 5 personality assessment is a unique tool that can be used by organisations to better manage their talent pool, plan recruitment in the most efficient way and provide organisation leaders with tools necessary for professional development and self-growth. FACET 5 is not a competency test, it is a personality profile based on research done at Edinburgh university, using a ‘Big5’ model of personality.

The assessment is based on an online questionnaire consisting of 106 questions, which takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. The process is entirely web-based for data collection and analysis all over the world. Available in over 30 different languages, with a range of corresponding norm groups, the results can be downloaded immediately upon completion.


An individual profile and report
describes individual behaviour and preferences

The Family Portrait
compares the individual profile to one of 17 reference families

SearchLight Review of Competence
individual strengths and areas for development against
6 key competencies

LeadingEdge Guide to Leading
how to engage and manage someone to maximise engagement and job satisfaction

and individuals intrinsic motivators

The personality questionnaire can be further integrated by other FACET 5 tools, which support organisations in preparing for change, implementing change, reviewing and assessing organisation’s culture, planning recruitment, integrating new team members, and more.


You will receive individual FACET 5 personality assessment reports per each assessed individual, generated based on the individual’s answers to the online questionnaire. We recommend to follow-up with a debriefing one-on-one session with our FACET 5 accredited expert to allow for a more detailed analysis of the report, in the context of one’s specific situation. Our expert will help the tested team member interpret the report, draw meaningful conclusions and set the course of actions for the future, so that s/he can fully benefit from the assessment and make best use of the received report.

Additionally, we ensure assistance to the organisation’s leadership in carrying out the assessment, interpreting the results and building on the conclusions of the reports for the best possible outcome, in line with the client’s interest and pre-set intention for the use of the FACET 5 toolbox.