A recruitment process is very much like a dance

By Anna Koj

A recruitment process is very much like a dance. You need two to tango. In today’s world, maybe more than ever. As much as you test candidates to make sure you find the right fit, the candidates do the same. Once you will have found your ideal employee, the last thing you want is an unexpected intervention from the Board, or one of its members, that can stall or shift the decision completely. 

Awareness and transparency are key!

Having your Board involved is neither good nor bad. What is key, is to know where you stand, and act accordingly. If you’re leading an association’s secretariat and planning to launch a new recruitment, make sure to have full clarity on who and to what extent will have a say in the process. 

Plan it!

If Board members, often based internationally, are to be consulted, it’s good to have a clear timeline agreed in advance so that they can give it priority when needed. Working with an external provider helps to professionalise the process but you can also ensure that internal policies are in place to both set and simplify the recruitment structure as much as possible. 

Written by Anna Koj for EARS - the European Affairs Recruitment Specialists, published by HQ - The Association Magazine in #81/2017.
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