How to make your association more attractive to candidates?

By Anna Koj

Take a moment and remember that exciting moment when you shaped a detailed job brief, put together a job announcement and hit the “publish” button. What was left was to sit back and wait for the interesting applications to start flowing in. So, you waited, and waited, and sifted through dozens of applications only to realise, frustrated, that very few were actually matching your expectations. 

Sounds familiar? So, how can you make your association more attractive to candidates?

Storytelling is everything: know your strengths and be clear on why it is great to work for you. Showcase the tangible impact the newcomer will have. 

Know your competition: how you position your organisation on the market will have a huge impact on what kind of candidates you attract. 

Keep up the quality check: you want to ensure that you get the best talent on board. A thorough recruitment process is a given. Candidates expect no less. Make sure you are transparent and open, though and treat the process as seriously as they do. 

Finally, walk the talk. No story can function if you and your team are not on board, being the walking testimonies to it. Realising that recruitment is, ultimately, a two-way sales process is the key.

Written by Anna Koj for EARS - the European Affairs Recruitment Specialists, published by HQ - The Association Magazine #82/2018.
The full edition of the February 2018 issue of HQ is available