Whom would you rather hire?

By Anna Koj

Imagine you are to choose between two candidates to make a hire for your association. One of the two candidates knows your industry inside-out but would need to learn the “Brussels job”. The other is an accomplished association professional who would discover your sector pretty much from scratch.

Whom would you rather hire?

Hands-on technical and practical experience is, undoubtedly, extremely precious. It is also, often, the basis for finding the right fit. Without digging deeper into understanding the soft skills-set of the candidates, however, betting simply on the one that knows the industry better may be a very risky gamble. 

What skills to look for, then?

Think of what makes your association’s top employees exceptional. It may be their ability to build consensus amongst - sometimes contrasting - members’ interests and positions or their initiative coupled with patience and persistence. A skilled diplomatic networker will open doors to your key stakeholders. 

Written by Anna Koj for EARS - European Affairs Recruitment Specialists, published in HQ - The Association Magazine #80/2017.
You can access the full November edition of the HQ Magazine here.