Change Mindset - a case for embracing your whole self

By Anna Koj

Who am I?     

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Most of us don’t, at least not beyond our teenage years, and definitely not on a regular basis. As things change around us, we change with them. It seems only natural: we develop new friendships, change jobs, start families, travel, discover new passions. We live in an ecosystem, in which we play many different roles. Sometimes they complement each other, sometimes they clash, and at times they evolve with us.

Yet, unless shaken by usually very sad and unexpected events, rarely do we stop to truly reflect on how we’ve changed and who we have become.

These days, external changes happen at such a speed that it often feels like constantly driving with the turbo on. But the truth is that the only way we can fully embrace change is by developing a healthy change mindset. And, to do that, we need to be able to see ourselves for who we are in our whole selves.


It’s not an easy task and it takes time and a lot of inward-focused work. A good way to start off is to write down your own personal vision. Three concrete steps can help you set the ground to do that. Firstly, identify your self-biases (we all have them), analyse the different roles you play in life, explore and test new ideas, push yourself out of your comfort zone. Secondly, try to expand your emotional vocabulary, be mindful about how different experiences, situations      and people make you feel. Thirdly, rediscover the value of curiosity to become a transformational thinker. Keep an open mind, exercise your creativity and focus on where you want to get before building the steps to get there.     

Your personal vision will be your guide to consciously manoeuvre through various personal and professional changes, while staying in the driver’s seat.     

The article has been originally written for HQ - The Association Magazine and published in the September 2019 edition of the magazine, accessible online, here.